The Best Camo Picks Around

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Being a girl from the south, it’s never been hard to find a camo tee or pants in a local grocery store. Now lately because of the reemergence of the ever-so trending camo you can walk into any clothing store and find at least one item of the same nature (pun intended).┬áIf you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably been waiting patiently for this post, but it’s finally here! I’m going to tell you a few of my favorite places to buy any- and everything camouflage.



Skirt: Custom

Boots: Public Desire

Go Jane is one of my favorite online shopping destinations because they always have some unique pieces for great prices!




Top: Famous Brand & Co.


Shoes: Body Central

My top is a custom piece that i might add to the website at some point, but it is slightly distressed and branded.




Dress: Forever21


Boots: Public Desire

Posh Shop LA has an amazing selection of clothes including denim and camo jackets.






Bodysuit: GoJane

Vest: Forever 21

Boots: Charlotte Russe

We all know Charlotte Russe is one of the best stores to make a quick run and grab what you need, but the next time you do…swing by their shoes because I picked up these boots for $10.



As you can see, camouflage is a great edgy touch to add into any outfit. Happy shopping!


Famous MissFit

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