Babygirl? or Babyboy?

Hey Missfit’s!

Before your jaws hit the floor, please know that this is not some weird pregnancy announcement. I repeat I am not pregnant! (Although I did just birth an awesome new line of custom clothing, so check that out!)

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, lets jump in.

When we think “babygirl” the first thing that comes to mind is simple sidewalk catcalling, but the next thing is a soft pink color. Pink has always been associated with women and the pastel version is to represent a softer more innocent woman.

On the other side you have “babyboy”. When I hear this I think of the amazingly unforgettable Tyrese movie, but we all know that’s not where this post is heading. Powder blue is the color commonly associated with baby boys and I think this color will be really popular in the upcoming season (Watch out for my predicted trends post, coming soon).

Unless there’s a case of fraternal twins (1 boy, 1 girl), you hardly ever see the two colors together. Today we’re going to show you how we styled the two colors together.

We’ll start with what seemed to be my most liked outfit on IG. Here I’m wearing a pair of pink perspex boots from Charlotte Russe, blue and white checkered drawstring pants from Urban Outfitters, and one of the unreleased Famous Cheap Tees (coming soon). This look is comfortable, edgy, and spring ready.









This next look is for the chillier climates. Bringing out the turtleneck and colored jeans to keep warm is a smart way to stay stylish in those windy cities. Both the Turtleneck and jeans are second hand. The pink velvet shoes are Steve Madden from Burlington Coat Factory.









This has to be the most Kardashian/Jenner look of them all. One day I was thrifting so hard and came across this gorgeous little top and I couldn’t help myself, plus it was only $2! So I paired it with a midi skirt I got from iKrush a long time, those awesome Charlotte Russe boots, and a pink lace up choker.









Distressed denim! Fishnets! Heels! Oh my!!! It’s no secret that I love to cut holes in my jeans, but these have to be my favorite pair. I picked up some baby blue fishnets from Forever 21, layered them underneath, and added the pink Mossimo sweater. These amazing shoes are from CitiTrends and they’re one of my favorite pairs. Oh! And I can’t forget the pink bandanna I added for flare!









Last outfit, and definitely one of my favorites! Keeping it simple is totally trending this year and this style is a bandwagon I can proudly jump on. In this case, less is more! Using those same blue fishnets and pink perspex boots, I created a cool celebrity look that will last day to night. Purchase your Precious Fame Tee now (unisex), if you’re looking for a longer shirt/dress check out the Golden Tee.









I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to keep a look out for all the new product drops! The Sample Sale will last until March 10, so get your stuff now before we sell out.


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