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It’s February 6th and Valentines Day is only 8 days away. I’ve never really had the cliche Valentines experience, but I do see Valentines day as a great excuse to wear dramatic makeup and lots of pinks and reds. While it may sound fun to most of us, some aren’t into the idea of celebrating a holiday that has become about gifts and dates commonly for women.

This post is going to show you our favorite Valentines Day looks and their “arch nemesis”.

Fishnets and Thigh Highs                 VS.           Fishnets and Mary Jane’s

Fishnets have been more trendy than ever the past few seasons and you can wear them as the star of the show or the beautiful accessory they are. In our Team Valentines Day look we paired the Famous MissFit Distressed Sweater with black fishnets and Public Desire thigh high boots “Carissa”. Our Anti-Valentines look is hitting home base in this black and white sexy ensemble; those legs are looking longer than ever.

Sexy Vests                                                      VS.              Slogan Sister

Black is the new black and don’t forget it! This Team Valentines Day look is taking a walk on the sexy side with a simple lingerie and leggings combination, we also added our favorite burgundy vest to add that extra Valentines Day flare. You won’t get cat-called in this Anti-Valentines Sweatshirt. If you’re really trying to avoid the “hoochie howlers” and “woman whistlers”, get a slogan tee or sweatshirt to keep them away.

Day To Night                                                   VS.           Saved by the Bell

Subtlety can be your best friend on holidays that double as a weekday/workday. As we all know Valentines Day falls on a Tuesday this year and having an outfit that can go from day to night will be so helpful. In our Team Valentines Day look we chose pink velvet chunky heels, a pink suede dress, and a denim dress (that we left unbuttoned) that is both work appropriate and date night appropriate. Our Anti-Valentines look is giving us Kelly Kapowski vibes with this torn sweatshirt and blue mini dress, to top it off we added the gold heels to add some metallic.

Whether you’re Team Valentines Day or Anti-Valentines, we hope it’s a memorable day for you and your sweetie (or dog/cat).


Famous MissFit

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