Celebrity Look: Kim K Inspired

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We channeled our inner Kim K and brought her to life with this sexy-casual outfit. Add a little bphoto-sep-30-9-24-13-pmody contouring and hip pads to create the final look and you too will think your last name is Kardashian.


Kim has been styling a lot of lingerie into her wardrobe lately and while it may seem a little inappropriate, it’s nothing new. Mesh, bralettes, underwire, and lace have been trending more than usual this year and she kept the vibe going with this outfit. She matched a lace bodysuit with some distressed vintage mom jeans and python boots to give us a chic street look. For under $40 you can recreate this entire look the same way we did!





Bodysuit: Rainbow

Jeans: Levi’s from Goodwill

Shoes: Lulus (Buy Here)

If you’re looking to create some faux hips in your favorite pair of mom jeans, find some (real) vintage jackets or shirts and cut the shoulder pads out of them. You can glue them together or just slide them in your pants as is. This method wont work for thinner fabrics, so it may be in your best interest to invest in a pair of enhancing underwear if you really want to achieve the “Kardashian look”.





Now lets talk about body contouring! Who knew it could be so fun? Boobs can seem so boring and pointless at times, but if you contour your chest…you will be obsessed. It’s easy and instantly makes you feel like a superstar. Remember when you do this, it’s better to enhance rather than create. Add darker makeup to the shadows that already exist on your body (i.e. cleavage, above collar bone, etc.) and add the lighter makeup where you want to highlight (i.e. breasts and collar bones). Blend it well and you will have the best boobs in town.

In no way, shape, or form are we saying that you need to do body contouring, hip enhancements, or any other alterations! We did them specifically to recreate a Kardashian look. It’s no secret that Kim has had multiple surgeries and has a million Hollywood fashion secrets (including taping).

Famous MissFit is all about embracing your character, creativity, beauty, and uniqueness. We support any decision a woman makes about her body as long as she is confident in her skin. Never feel the need to change your appearance or self because of whats on trend or what you see in magazines.

We hope you enjoyed this celebrity styled look and cant wait to do another.


Famous MissFit


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