Bright & White After Labor Day

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Have you ever wondered why people are always telling you to not wear white after Labor Day? Well we just aren’t accepting this rule. We love to wear white year round, but we wanted to give you a little history about this bizarre rule.

In 1894 Labor Day officially became a federal holiday to celebrate workers and labor unions. The unions chose the first Monday of September because it was halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. As you probably know, this time of year can be very hot and down-right scorching and the best colors to stay cool are lighter shades. Labor Day sort of became a “farewell to summer” celebration because kids start back at school and fall is just around the corner.

In the early 1900’s summer was defined as the season that fell between Memorial Day and Labor day. When the summer season arrived, people in the city packed away all their formal/city clothes and opted for more linen, white, and loose clothing. When Labor Day came, they had their last “hoo-rah” and returned to the city and their regular attire.

This rule was formulated in the north, New York specifically, during times when the rich separated themselves by the origin of their wealth. Think about the famous Great Gatsby (book or movie) and remember how people who came from a wealthy family lived in East-Egg, but people who had “new-money” lived in West-Egg. People with “old-money” considered themselves to be better than everyone because their family had always been rich. With that attitude they created silly rules within their society to keep others out and this was one of them.

There’s a lot of reasons why they chose to implement this rule, but they obviously never traveled to Miami in December. White is a great color to mix and match because it’s plain and goes with everything. Coco Chanel was no stranger to this rule and she refused to have her wardrobe limited by others’ preferences. That’s why she’s our favorite fashion icon and rebel.

Today we styled a white and denim outfit.

Photo Sep 06, 7 09 30 PM

Jacket: Hand-Me-Down

T-shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch

Jeans: Express

Boots: Citi Trends

* Any coat can be turned into a cape, be creative missfit’s!





Photo Sep 06, 7 10 28 PM

Photo Sep 06, 7 10 13 PMPhoto Sep 06, 7 13 01 PM










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